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Wedding and Senior Portrait Photographer

Outside of being a lifestyle photographer and creative in Akron, Ohio- I am a connoisseur of fine coffee, lover of succulents, and an avid runner. In my free time you will find me at home with my husband relaxing on the couch or going for a run with a friend. Each of these things not only make up who I am as a person and friend, but encompasses what I value in life: relationships + quality time! 


I'm Ana and I aspire to travel the world with my husband and stop at every coffee shop along the way!

                         is clean, intimate, and authentic. As your photographer I aspire to capture your story through my lens by working alongside of you to create images that reflect your personality and style! I will make sure to join in the laughter and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera! As you look back on your photographs, you will relive the emotions and excitement from that day! 

My style of work

                                                 is the relationships I have formed with my clients! The people I work with everyday makes this job a true honor and joy! I aspire to not only present you with a beautiful gallery, but become a sidekick on your wedding day and life long friend that will always celebrate with you in the adventures of life!

My favorite part of photography    


a few of my favorite things

1. Traveling to new places with my husband

2. Running

3. Succulents

4. Gilmore Girls and Fixer Upper

5. Coffee dates with friends

6. Tacos

7. Harry Potter

8. Birkenstocks

9. Cardigans and Neutral Tones

10. Hand written notes

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"Ana went ABOVE AND BEYOND for me and pulled it effortlessly... "

AMY + JESSE | 2016 wedding

I was elated to have Ana as my photographer. I wanted a photographer that would not only capture the highlights of the day, but the overall atmosphere. Ana went above and beyond for me and pulled it effortlessly. She not only helped me with the wedding details, but made sure we had the best day celebrating with our family and friends.

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"Her CALM AND JOYFUL PRESENCE on our wedding day WAS SO COMFORTING throughout the hustle and bustle. "

molly + jake | 2017 wedding

Having Ana as our engagement and wedding photographer was an absolute blessing. Her talent in the art of photography is exceptional and our photos excel what we imagined. Ana was extremely organized and communicated with us well throughout our whole engagement and after the wedding. Her calm and joyful presence on our wedding day was so comforting throughout the hustle and bustle. She captured every shot that we wanted and more. We could not be happier with the memories that she captured and are so thankful to have found Ana!

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"Ana was VERY PROFESSIONAL... and the products are breaktaking! "

rebecca + stuart | 2016 wedding

Ana was a phenomenal photographer for our wedding in May. She was very professional, easy to contact, and the products are breathtaking.

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"I just love her style of natural lighting and the way she CAPTURES PEOPLES RAW EMOTIONS through her photography."

megan + justin | 2017 wedding

Ana was an absolute dream to work with. After reviewing her photos and seeing her style I knew she was the photographer we needed at our wedding. I just love her style of natural lighting and the way she captures peoples raw emotions through her photography. From day one she was professional and always was willing to answer any questions I had. 
Throughout the whole day Ana kept me calm and everyone on track. Even when I got flustered she knew exactly what to say to make me laugh. My favorite thing about working with Ana is that she focuses on the little things. Not only did she give us a special surprise at our reception, but she also made sure me and my husband had time alone. This was one of my favorites parts of my wedding day and I can't thank Ana enough for giving that to us. There are not enough good things to say about my experience with Ana Maria Photography. I will definitely be hiring her again for any photography needs in the future!!

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"She is truly a shining star with her GOD GIVEN GIFT as an artistic photographer. "

kristina + parker | 2015 wedding

She is truly a shining star with her God given gift as an artistic photographer and a friend to whom all she meets!

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