An Intimate Wedding At Gervasi Vineyard

What an amazing start to my 2020 wedding season! When Elizabeth reached out about her and Nicko’s day, I was so excited to capture it. It was an intimate wedding at Gervasi Vineyard. The ceremony took place in the conservatory during sunset and ended with a night of celebration.

One of my favorite moments on their wedding day was Liz’s walk down the aisle. Nicko and their daughter Spencer were waiting at the end of the aisle. While Liz was walking down, Spencer couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. It was the sweetest moment. From the personal details to the beautiful ceremony, Liz and Nicko’s love was evident. I am so excited for them to begin their marriage as a family and what’s in store for them!

Elizabeth and Nicko: Thank you for letting me document your wedding day and celebrate alongside your family and friends! I loved being apart of your wedding day! Here are some of my favorites their intimate wedding at Gervasi Vineyard!

gervasi vineyard wedding details
gold glass frame welcome wedding sign at gervasi vineyard
mother of groom walking down aisle at ceremony
mother of bride walking down aisle at wedding ceremony
mother of bride
groom and his daughter walking down aisle
gervasi vineyard bride and dad walking down aisle
father of bride handing daughter off to groom at ceremony
gervasi vineyard conservatory wedding ceremony
bride and groom standing in front of guests at ceremony
gervasi vineyard ceremony with bride and groom holding hands
intimate gervasi vineyard wedding ceremony
intimate gervasi vineyard bride and groom ceremony kiss
post wedding ceremony kiss with bride and groom at gervasi vineyard convservatory

Thank you Liz and Nicko for letting me document your day! May God continue to bless your marriage. // With Love, Ana

Liz and Nicko’s Vendors:

Videography: Samuel Laurendeau | Venue: Gervasi Vineyard

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gervasi vineyard bridal portraits

July 7, 2020

Your Reception Experience

Let’s talk about your reception experience and how you can create a fun and memorable evening for you and your guests! Today’s featured vendor, Art of Sucre, has become a leader in the wedding industry when offering a unique and custom experience for her couples and their guests. Emily is not only an amazing business owner and cotton candy spinner, but one of my close friends. We go all the way back to elementary school, think back to 7th grade gym class. It has been so fun to continue our friendship and work together in the wedding industry! Emily has so much to offer and I am excited for you all to learn from her and her new spin on cotton candy! Grab your favorite drink or even a glass of champagne as Emily walks us through the art of cotton candy and how it can elevate your reception experience!

Meet Emily

Hi All! I’m Emily and I am the owner of Art of Sucre, an Artisanal cotton candy company! Yes, you read that correctly, my whole job is cotton candy and you could say it’s pretty sweet. See what I did there?

Before I dive into the sweetness, I wanted to share a little bit about myself! I am married to my high school sweetheart, Drew, I am an avid reader, and I have the best pup in the world, Fitzgerald. When I’m not spinning cotton candy I am all about game nights with friends or relaxing on the couch with a book in hand. I also am a huge fan of traveling. Drew and I try to travel to someplace new a couple of times a year, even if it’s just for a weekend! You mostly can say that I am a homebody at heart, but lover of adventure!

Now onto the sweetness behind Art of Sucre.

The Sweetness behind Art of Sucre

At Art of Sucre we do anything and everything cotton candy based. All of our packages are 100% custom to fit the needs of our clients. Plus, all of our cotton candy is made in house and therefore can be dyed any color! From cart service at private events, to pre-spun containers, mannequin heads (think cotton candy hair), glitter drink bombs to beverage toppers, we have given cotton candy a modern and chic upgrade with fresh flavors, creative toppings and a classic aesthetic. We simply love creativity and customization! We do all different types of events. A few of our favorites are professional sport teams suites, corporate events, and, of course, weddings!

Champagne Toasts

One of our most popular services, and my personal favorite, is our champagne toppers. We spin fresh, champagne flavored  cotton candy and place it elegantly on top of glasses of champagne. When guests receive the glass they can simply pluck the cotton candy off the top and eat it alone or they can push it into the glass and watch the cotton candy dissolve. This is so fun because that means you can choose the color of your champagne toppers! This allows your guests to watch the color of the champagne change! Isn’t that fun!?!

Something else we are all for is edible glitter! This is one of our toppers that can elevate your reception experience. It has become one of our favorites and we think it adds something special to your glass of champagne! Just imagine dropping your pink cotton candy with edible glitter into your sparkling glass of champagne! It’s stunning and exciting to watch! These toppers are the perfect touch to elevate any wedding toast, signature drink or cocktail hour! Whether they are set at guests place setting or passed on trays they add a little touch of whimsy and elegance to any event. 

A few people we have topped glasses for are the Cleveland Cavaliers and Browns, Elton John and countless weddings! I love being able to add an unexpected and unique element to any event! I mean who doesn’t love sugar, glitter, and champagne, right?

All in all, when it comes to your reception, focus on your guests and creating a memorable experience! Whether that is with our champagne toppers or hand spun cones, we look forward to offering you a luxury experience! Let’s toast to creating an evening that honors you and your guests!

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couple kissing with art of sucre cotton candy

May 29, 2020

Choosing your dream wedding dress

Continuing the bridal series, we are diving in with Sarah, talking all things wedding gowns and dresses! She walks us through the current dress trends for 2020 + 2021 and what to expect at your dress appointment. She lays out the full wedding dress boutique experience and how to feel prepared when choosing your dream wedding dress!

Meet Sarah and her bridal boutique shop, The Dress

Hi there Brides!  My name is Sara Recker and I am the proud owner of The Dress Bridal Boutique located in Medina, Ohio. I started The Dress from the ground up in 2010 in a small boutique and have not looked back.  I opened the shop just 6 months after I married my husband and the boutique became our first baby. 

Fast forward 10 years and we are now a 3600 square foot boutique with over 11 staff members. We have a sister store called The Dress Rack and have been apart of some fun opportunities as a shop. For example, we were featured on a new Lifetime show called “Marrying Millions.” Episode four was our little claim to fame on national Television.

With all that being said, we are so thankful for all the experiences and clients over these past 10 years. We cannot wait to celebrate in a big way with our clients and vendor friends when we can. For now, we are focusing on how we can better serve you and our brides. We are excited to see what the rest of 2020 has in store for us! 

2020 + 2021 Wedding Dress Trends

We LOVE the looks coming out for 2020 and 2021! Lots of sleeves, boho, and classic lace.Here are a few of my favorite current dress trends:

  • Clean fabrics of satins and silks: mikados and cuts that flatter the body so beautifully
  • Classic lace and texture: teh Sottero and Midgley line compliment this trend so well
  • The boho look: a mix of distinctive details of lace with a dramatic sleeve or open back

The Wedding Dress Boutique Experience

As a bridal boutique, we make it our priority to focus on the bride and her vision. Not Grams, Mom or your MOH. From the start, we will create a space where your vision is heard and that everyone understands the direction of the appointment. At the end of the day, our goal is to make you feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day!

So how do we personalize our boutique experience to you?

In our boutique we service three brides at a time, which allows you to have your own private suite.  Throughout your appointment you will have a stylist work closely with you. Your stylist will help you find a dress that encompasses your wedding day vision. One unique part of our experience is that our stylists select the gowns for you try on! In the first few years of opening, we found that this gives our brides the best dress shopping experience . It allows more time for our stylists to work with you and help you find the perfect dress.

All of our stylists are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to translate your vision into a dress. They know the fit and look of the dresses and how they look different on the body than the hanger. It’s the stylists job to show you a variety of gowns that fit your vision. Creating an experience that leads to brides saying yes to a gown they would have never tried on for themselves.

It’s about building a trust with your stylist from the beginning and letting them curate an experience that makes you feel and look like a bride. Helping you choose your dream wedding dress and bringing your vision to life!

How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

There are several options to consider when wanting to preserve or place your dress in storage. Whether you are wanting to recycle your dress or keep it in storage, there is an option for you! Here are different options to consider when preserving your dress. 

  • Getting your dress cleaned: This is a very important step to do before preserving your dress.
  • Recycling/ Reusing your dress: This is what Sarah personally did for her wedding dress. She had her gown made into a Christening gown for her four children. This allowed her to share a piece of her dress to her family and love on it a bit more. A few other ways you can recycle your dress are:
    • turning it into a tree skirt for Christmas
    • displaying it on a mannequin in a spare room
    • taking a piece of lace from your dress and turning it into a handkerchief
  • Storage/ Shadow Boxes

Take Time to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

 If there is one thing I can leave to all future brides, give yourself time to find your gown. Finding your dream wedding dress takes time and should not be rushed. I highly recommend purchasing a year to nine months out. If you are not given that time frame, that’s okay! Make sure to place wedding dress shopping at the top of your wedding planning list.

Always feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, we are here to help anyone!  All our love and well wishes to you all!  

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May 22, 2020